About Me

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Hi! I’m Shawn McGuire and here’s a bit of info about me. I was born in San Antonio, Texas, then lived in Florida and Illinois but was very young so don’t remember any of it. Correction: I have a memory of living in Mt. Zion, Illinois and after a big rain storm sat in a huge mud puddle up to my neck because the neighbor girl told me it was good for my skin. My parents weren’t amused. From first grade until I graduated high school, I lived in the beautiful Mississippi River town of Winona, Minnesota, the small town that inspired the setting for STICKS AND STONES and BREAK MY BONES.

After graduating from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, I moved to the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin (Go Pack Go!) where I lived for many years. Now my family and I call Colorado home where I love to read, cook and bake, craft, decorate my house, and spend time hiking and camping in the spectacular Rocky Mountains.

I am also the author of young adult, speculative fiction novels that blend contemporary settings with a touch of fantasy and magic. I started writing after seeing the first Star Wars movie (that’s episode IV) as a kid. I couldn’t wait for the next movie to come out so I wrote my own episodes. Sadly, those notebooks are long lost–it would be hilarious to read those episodes–but my desire to write is as strong now as it was then

My books deal with harder topics (dating violence, death of a sibling, divorce, substance abuse, runaways, etc.) because I believe it’s important to talk about these things. That can be hard to handle and a bit overwhelming, so I infuse a bit of humor in my work as well because I also believe that a sense of humor can help you get through just about anything.

I am so glad you stopped by. Thank you. I hope you enjoy my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Peace, love, and good wishes!



Fun Facts about Shawn

♦ Favorite books: So, so many!! Too many to list really.

♦ Although… Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love rocked my world!

♦ Stephen King’s Pet Sematary is the scariest book I’ve ever read.

♦ The Exorcist is still the scariest movie I’ve ever seen.

♦ Movies I watch when I have a weekend alone: Memoirs of a Geisha, Practical Magic, and Anna and the King

♦ Music with lyrics distracts me when I write. However listening to instrumental music with headphones on while writing puts me smack in the middle of my characters’ lives.

♦ Favorite music to listen to while writing: George Winston, Paul Cardall, and David Garrett

♦ I believe the world would be a sad place without dark chocolate and yoga pants.

♦ I make fabulous lasagna (Grandma’s recipe) and chocolate cake (other Grandma’s recipe). My brownies are pretty darn good, too.

♦ I can’t say the words ‘particularly’ or ‘familiarly’ without concentrating first – no idea why.

♦ I can hang drywall, do a fair job with tiling, and know how to use a variety of power tools. (Thanks to once owning an old house that needed A LOT of work.)

♦ I love to plant things, but I hate pulling weeds. So take a guess what my gardens look like!

♦ If I could choose a super power? No question: invisibility!!