Sticks and Stones

The Wish Makers - Book 1


Everyone has a dark side. Mandy’s just moved in with her.

The last time Mandy Matteo broke a rule, her sister ended up dead. Since that day she’s been the perfect daughter and student, doing everything right for fear of the repercussions. Her friends want fun, not perfection, and abandon Mandy for parties and boys.

Now truly alone, Mandy makes a wish to simply be happy. Nothing extravagant, just a whisper to the universe that she never expects will come true. But then Desiree, a hippie genie with her own set of issues, shows up and grants Mandy’s wish by bringing her childhood imaginary friend to life.

Mandy soon realizes she should have listened to Desiree’s warning. Magic wishes have one condition: Once started, they cannot be altered or revoked. No matter how bad things get.


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Kat’s Indie Reads – 4 stars – Mandy makes a deep down, from the soul type of wish and it is up to Desiree to fulfill it. Enter Lexi, Mandy’s long lost Imaginary (yep, you read that right, IMAGINARY) friend, and all hell breaks loose.”

My Secret Book Spot – 4 stars – Great escape… “There are secrets revealed and unspoken rules broken as we meet character after character in this new series.”

J. Wilde – 5 stars – A book that will stick with you and make you think – “You find yourself feeling so much for Mandy that for the last several chapters I was in tears (not just pitter patter we’re talking snot action and hiccups) at first with anger/sorrow and then with that kind of understanding that something is bad but the light is not just there in the tunnel but you are probably already in it’s glow.”

Archaeolibrarian – 5 stars – “The secret that Mandy was hiding was heartbreaking in its childlike simplicity. It is easy to forget how literal children are with what you say to them and how long it can stay with them. During the conversation with Mandy and her mum, it brought tears to my eyes.”


Jan F – 4 stars – The guide Desiree even has her own back story that we slowly get to peel away as the story progresses.”

Kathy F. – 4 stars – “The characters really drew me in, and I could relate to all of them. I look forward to the next book in the series, and anything else by this author.”

Dowie – 5 stars – It’s a HIT!! – “Sticks and Stones is such a great story, and you really get the idea of the pain that loss of a sister can create in a soul.”

Toni @ My Book Addiction – 5 stars – YA Fantasy at its best! Not only do we get to follow along on Mandy’s adventure with Lexi, we also get to learn bits about Desiree — the wish mistress who I absolutely fell in love with.”

Amazon Customer – 5 stars – Compelling and Crazy-fun Read “When I spent the weekend curled up with Mandy and her friends, I wasn’t disappointed. “


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